Orlock landing place in Universe At War: Earth Assault

Eagle landing place

Fifth task: to protect the place of landing the Eagle commander.

Sixth goal: Use your bruts to destroy Masari Turtle.

If you sent your slaves to the landing pad, you should get both of these tasks at the same time. Start moving towards your new goal. Soon you will meet New Tour Masari. Leave your army behind and choose only gross troops. You have previously managed to deal with these creatures, but this is the first time you really can give them orders. As you notice, these units can use the ability to jump. Activate it and click on one of the areas with Masari turbors. You will have to wait until the units of the bruts land near turrelines. As soon as it is done, order them to attack the structures of the Guardians. To accomplish this task, you will need to secure two places.

You should also notice that you can use the CHARGE ability. In addition, brute units can be treated over time. Allow your main army to get closer to the landing site. Observe with the remaining detachments of Masari. You must kill them all to arrive an allied aircraft. Wait until the Eaglock joins your squad. You will also be rewarded with several flying plates. Use their most valuable abilities to repair the units of the default.

Order your defaults to stay in place. As for the slaves, send them to the landing site, because they will die sooner or later, and you, at least, kill several other Masarny detachments while they are still alive. Do not worry if you lose your entire army. Return to the detachments of the defaults and wait for the arrival of reinforcements.

At the moment you will not receive any additional orders, but your previous goal has not changed. You still have to find and grab one of the leaders of Masari. Start with movement to the southwest. I think I must remind you so you put your main character in front of the group. It can accompany the detachments of Defiler and Brute. It is also very important to use flying plates for the treatment of your units. You will have to deal with two groups of Masari detachments. I would not recommend moving in a big hurry, because you do not want to lose one of your troops. All will need you in the final battle of the mission. You should also know that the second group will be much stronger. Destroy the squad of the Inquisitor before taking care of the rest. In the end you will come across the non-working bridge. Wait until the game displays additional tips. You will not receive a proper task, so be careful. Lucky Bird ist von der Glücksspielkommission von Curacao lizenziert. Das Online-Casino bietet verschiedene Spiele, zahlreiche Modelle mit echten Dealern, Boni, Turniere und andere Möglichkeiten. Spieler können dieses Casino auf der offiziellen Website genauer erkunden. luckybird-casino.de Die Lucky Bird Casino Plattform kann sowohl von einem Computer als auch von einem Telefon auf der Website genutzt werden. Die Spieler können die App nutzen, um bequem von ihren Geräten aus zu spielen.